iPhone 8 Plus vs S7 Edge – Speed Test! (4K)


iPhone 8 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge speed test comparison! Can the S7 Edge keep up with the latest iPhone 8 from Apple? Buy these phones here: …


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  1. Fuck the people that say s7 is better let’s talk about the camera bild qulaty and size and Samsung is poor people who love bootleg i live in a mansion and I can sew u so stop being dumb and get a life for once #apple is better then bootleg android lol

  2. you know what? i have a US variant with the snapdragon 820…. I'm gonna do exactly everything you do in this video, since this is shot in real time. I'm really looking to buying an iphone 8 plus, and I'm tired of factory resetting my s7 every 4 months or so, so I wanna see if it's just an illusion that my phone is slow, and that it's just as fast as the one in this video, or if something is seriously wrong. I'm also gonna keep track of battery drain! I'll keep you updated on the progress

  3. Dude 300 for reg s7 and 600$ for IBlet 8 … i better to take s7 and with 300$ u can live for 3 weeks and no wories .. u may be so smart to buy iBlet 8 or so over rich

  4. I'm just compared both phone,this video it's a shit,the iphone is 2 times more faster like Samsung,and the Samsung have installed just factory application,so please delete this fake video,don't lye peoples

  5. And you Guys we saying ?? Complaining about the Samsung lag and etc
    Hellll noooo 😂😂😂
    This year old beauty is faster than your new iPhone 8 😂😂😂
    Samsung learns from their mistakes and change that and they evolve
    But apple …….
    Same old same slow 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


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