iPhone X 4k Video VS Professional Video Camera


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  2. The mere fact that we are arguing whether the iPhone is better than a digital camera or that it’s close makes he want to return my a6000 and just upgrade to an iPhone 12

  3. I think the above comparisons have made iPhone pretty close to a dedicated camcorder ,but what abt zooming?

    iPhone can only zoom 8 times where the camcorder can zoom 50 times.

  4. Paul Taylor Photography · Edit

    Enjoyed this mate thanks I shoot vlogs on my iPhone 7 generally happy was looking at he canon M50 but tbh for what I do preferring to travel light the iPhone for video is good enough I will upgrade the phone to a 10 or 11 soon cheers

  5. Thanks for the comparison.
    MAIN points to take away:

    Iphones are great for outdoors or decent lit situations.

    You need a professional camera to catch the best image stabilization while moving, low lit situations, and more texture. There is a detailed difference to those who do work in all scenarios.


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