iPhone X DROP TEST – The most Expensive glass ever on a smartphone!!


iPhone X vs iPhone 8 plus during a drop test. Apple has claimed that their glass is the ‘most durable glass ever in a smartphone’… and well… my last two drop tests have proved that to be completely false. Glass is glass.
iPhone 8 drop test round one:
iPhone 8 drop test round two:
If you are curious about how durable the iPhone 8 plus is without a case, its time to watch the iPhone 8 plus drop test and see for yourself.

If the iPhone X is more your style, also known as the iPhone 10, Ill be dropping that alongside the iPhone 8 plus to see when one breaks sooner. The iPhone X does have the stainless steel sides, which will probably give it a durability advantage… But there is only one way to find out.

Fix your iPhone yourself with repair guides and parts from iFixit!:

Current iPhone X Pricing on Amazon:

Cell Phone Replacement Parts:
Awesome Smart Phone Tool Kit:
Green Pry tool:
Metal phone opening tool:

The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
Wide angle lens:
And this Metabones adapter:
This is the drone I use:

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  1. My gf iphone 10 back glass is shattered due to the fall from her pants while she took a piss in a gas station rest room. Just one fall and it blew the back glass, for the record the phone is protected by premium rubber case, and still the glass is broke off shattered.

    Like you said jerry, she is the one who walking around with the back of the phone still broken.

  2. Stopped buying apple products after my ipod that I NEVER dropped had a small crack near the power button, seeing the 8 get obliterated on the second drop makes me glad I made that decision

  3. Andre Dominic Luarez · Edit

    Watching this is depressing remembering I still need to pay my friend whom I borrowed his Iphone X with money that i dont have because some one accidentally slapped the phone from my hands causing it to fly dropping on the ground with a bad crack it happened during an event at school and that day was his moms birthday i said to her ill pay it then on i started making tons of project at school for my classmates so they could pay me so i could pay him back until now i feel so down and helpless cause his family are planning to sue me for breaking 80000 peso phone like I wasn't even the one who slapped the one who did it thinks I'm clumsy and that I should pay the whole price my family keeps telling me I'm a burden regretting that I was born his family is asking as to pay and they'll come pick it up in the middle of our quarantine we dont have money and i only saved 1000 pesos from my projects it hurts me to lose money in this time of crises and a friend I REALLY, BADLY NEED HELP 😖😭

  4. This is extremely disappointing, expensive to repair, easy to break, just why?

    Is like putting little bombs in a washing machine to make it worse with the time

  5. Ok Boomer But It's a Cat · Edit

    6:19 it probably shatterd from that point and not the one you predicted, because of where it landed. it literally landed on the farthest point of the weak point, so it couldnt be the starter of the shatter.

  6. Cases on all of my phones regardless. Make them last and hate swapping over. The absurd lack of repairability of these phones will be my new standard argument against them in Androids v iPhones arguments from now on.


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