iPhone X Motherboard Replacement


This video shows you how to replace iPhone X motherboard. You can replace the motherboard, provided that you find a way to get a new logic board. Publisher: …


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  1. This tutorial is for Elachheb Anwar. Good luck to his iPhone X. When you decide to repair your iPhone X, you should know this: the aftermarket screens of iphone x are different https://www.witrigs.com/blog/iphone-x-screen-replacement-not-the-same/

  2. When you replace motherboard always need to transfer the parts which are locked to motherboard of that iphone model. Other wise those parts won't do the intended function.
    Eg: in iPhone X:
    1. Faceid
    2. Faceid flood illuminator and front camera assembly flex cable ( which is on the display)
    3. Copy Truetone data from old display to new display (only original apple display / refurbished will work)
    And in some iphone models,
    4. Taptic engine need to be programmed using the original taptic engine of new motherboard (or replace it with the one of the new motherboard)
    5. Battery need to be programmed
    And latest iphone 12 it is reported that even camera module is locked to motherboard ( means you can't use camera from one iphone 12 in another iphone 12 of same model)

    And in some models they will show a message "Can't verify if this iphone has a genuine display" or ".. genuine battery". Even after Truetone or needed data is programmed. In these cases they save the hard coded non reprogrammable serial number of the display or components and the serial number of the motherboard they are paired to in a database which only apple authorized repairs centres can modify. So even if we use genuine components it will say it can't verify it because it doesn't match the pairs of serial numbers of parts. The only option for third parties is to remove the eeprom ic from original and solder it to new component.

    Your mostly out of luck if you don't have the original components which are paired to the motherboard.

    Apple doesn't like third-party repair and makes it as difficult as possible.

  3. Since my iPhone x logic board problem, can i buy 256gb logic board to replace my faulty 64gb board.then ho much cost.and how many days r u give my mobile

  4. dude. something fell out ,whilemedoing that.. i turn phone upside down and something look like a small drum… i guess there is screw on it too.. fellout.. now idk where it belongs.

  5. my iphone x board was dead, i am buying new board. Tell me it will be working okay after changing board? Any specifications about phone model number should match ? nessesary?
    plz guide

  6. Can you fix your iPhone x that is black listed but change out the sim card slot part from another iPhone and make it work again since it will have a new imei number?

  7. gerson benitez ajhuacho · Edit

    Hi brother, one question is true if you change the motherboard, we have to change the camera and facial recognition
    I have that doubt and I want you to clarify it

  8. Hello guys! I have same problem with touchscreen on iPhone X, I have changed an motherboard from one iPhone X crack, but is not working touchscreen after that, what the problem can be? Thenx

  9. hey hi, if i have 2 phones one is back cracked iphone x and another is good one, if i swap the mother board will the face id work or i have to replace the front camera as well. once i tried swpaping the mother board too but touch of the screen too did not work and with the original it worked. what could be the reason?

  10. Thank you for the video it really helped. For EVERYONE wondering. If you replace the motherboard Face ID Function will no longer work. There is only ONE ear speaker and only ONE Face ID/Front camera for ONE motherboard. IF you don't have all 3 of these unique parts (unique meaning only 3 of these parts in the world will make Face ID work together) then your Face ID will sadly not work. Hope this helps! Cheers.


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