Iphone X Teardown by BCD Tech: LCD, Battery, USB, Board etc replacement


iphone x What inside Iphone X Dosto iss video episode mai mai aap ko dikha raha hoon Kaise aap iPhone X को खोल सकते हो कैसे आप इसकी बैटरी को …


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  1. Boss all is ok … but your knowledge is very short ? you only knows about android I think 🤔. don’t give to people wrong knowledge okay? IPhone X can be changed any ic chip like cpu nand audio u2 etc ic chip for iphone there Is a lot of tools for fixing but expensive I am everyday fixing iphone I know all about board. If you don’t know anything don’t try to saying that with people because still you student 👨‍🎓.. learn first how to repair expensive phone iphone/ipad after come in Youtube.. you can go for learning from india also .. you can learn from ali sir also but not like a android mobile cost like 10k .. it’s should be like 90k or 110k cost .. no option for dead mobile iphone… I am from uae …. sorry for comment nothing to do


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