iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 Plus Drop Test!


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Drop test between the Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus to see which phone is more durable using a professional drop test machine.

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iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 Plus Drop Test!


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  1. i dropped my iphone x once n the bottom n side of it was a little shattered but in a few days there were very annoying ghost touches esp during typing n the bottom of the screen is less sensitive i am 1.65cm tall n dropped it from my waist with an average case on n now its ruined fuck u apple

  2. if it is possible I would like to buy one of these two iphones even if the screen or the glass is broken because I would have it sorted out and my dream to have an iphone more numca I had a condition that I could not do this if it is possible and it is no longer used by the fact of being broken gortaria to get in touch with you to receive the device more and clear only if it is possible


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