iPhone XR Coral Unboxing and Review!


Unboxing the new iPhone XR in Coral! ▻ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: MUSIC I USE …


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  1. I am considering this if it goes on sale on black friday(I also realized that I had watched this video twice already, first in 2018 and then just now towards the end of the video it made me remember)

  2. I've personally have the iPhone 12s and mint green and I absolutely am in love with it!!😍 I almost got the iPhone Pro and blue with the Tele lens but didn't want to wait another month. They were out of stock so I went with a mint green and I'm so happy I did. However if I were to get a second phone I totally would get this beautiful coral color! Do I need a second phone? Of course not! However watching this video sure does tempt me– LOL! I had no idea about that app called "air shopping" is that what it's called🤷🏻‍♀️? I have to check that out! Also everyone in the comments please be nice to Justine she seems like a sweetheart!🙏🏻 Last thing, Justine were you in Hawaii here, possibly Oahu Hawaii? 🌺If so I was there back in 2007 and it was absolutely beautiful! I would love to go back someday.

  3. She is beautiful and the place she is at is even more beautiful. iPhone xr did an amazing job to capture the HDR details. I love this girl ❤️


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