iPhone XS Unboxing & Hands-on! [Gold!]


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The day has finally arrived! The 2018 iPhones have been released, so in this video we’re unboxing the new iPhone XS in gold!

Is Apple purposely hiding the notch?

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  1. Okay but what if we didnt have an iphone before we had an huawei and we bought iphone X and we want to transfer everything what should we fo then plz answer me!!!

  2. CLOSE1 Rocket League · Edit

    I never understand these unboxings.. always the same for years. People discussing the box, manuals etc.

    Meanwhile every owner: rips box apart. Gets charger and phone.. put box in a closet

  3. Thats fake the iphone is fake bc the normal iphine xs does not have text under the iphone writing iphone clarfied that on the ad and its like that in THE REAL apple store

  4. Who still using Samsung in 2019? Me.
    Soon I'll get an iPhone X 64 GB. Next year..It's good guys? I have to pass my exam and go on Grade 12😍👍


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