iPhone Xs vs Huawei P20 Pro Camera Test Comparison


iPhoneXs #iPhoneXsMax #iPhoneXr iPhone Xs vs Huawei P20 Pro Camera Test Comparison Specifications : iPhone Xs / iPhone Xs Max Camera = (Dual) 12 …


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  1. Why didn’t you set the video settings on the highest to compare what both can offer at the fullest settings and why didn’t you compare selfies… I think you’re trying not to show the weakness of huwaei here, even though I own both phones.

  2. Gianluca Machiavelli · Edit

    P20 is better day by day but still have to work at image stability. Iphone win, for the moment. But soon will be “overwhelmed “ by Huawei. Though, great job Huawei!

  3. In some Scenes P20 is better, in other iPhone is. For example, the video in the beginning: P20 is better. At the yellow flowers at 1:49 the iPhone shows more details. So it's not as clear as some tell here in the comments. Fact is: They're both really great cameras for a smartphone.


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