iTunes Backup Location Change – How To Change iTunes Backup Location on Windows PC


By default iTunes store backup files in Windows system drive. We can easily get rid of this by creating symbolic link of CMD NTFS Junction Point. Unfortunately …


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  1. rafi 🆘

    i have two back up folders,

    one on user/apple/mobilesync/back up

    and the one u told us on user/appdata/roaming/apple computer/mobilesync/ back up

    i already did a junction on the last one and created a folder in my DATA with the name mobilesync but it started to back up on the user/appdata/roaming/apple folder on my local disk. it crashed last minute cause i have not enough storage on my local disk that’s why i wanted to back up on my data. 8 hours of waste, please help, what should i do 😭😭

  2. i know this video is from 2 years ago, but i’m just trying to do it now, but my phone started a new folder at my local disk on “user/lurgs/apple/mobilesynch/backup i really don’t know how to get rid of that.

  3. sir my one is not in the apple computer it is only in the apple so i even tried your command and and even edited myself but it only says path cannot be specified sir please reply

  4. My power shell pops up in windows 10 instead of command center. the power shell does not support command mklink. then when i open the command center, the format is different because the > appears after the second user C:Usersuser> instead of C:UsersuserAppleMoblileSync.

  5. Hi bro know i done backup in my windows pc ,now i need to restore the back file due to full occupation unable to restore if I move the location then how I restore

  6. Sir junction is credited successfully but still iTunes not reading backup
    It still says your iPhone has never been backup on this computer help me let me why iTunes not reading the data

  7. Hi
    Actually I made a iPhone backup in c drive it is around 82 GB. But when I’m trying to restore it then iTunes making another backup file in same drive so I run out the storage & I got error on my pc screen. Could you tell me what I have to do for restore my data. I will be thankful to you if you can help me.

  8. Hi, Its still backing up to C Drive and not D Drive….this is the link I typed: C:Usersimac2AppDataRoamingApple ComputerMobileSync>mklink /J "%APPDATA%Apple ComputerMobileSyncBackup" "D:Backup

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  10. For those who failed to have Shift + rightclick and it appear powershell,
    u need to enable command prompt.
    watch this (using this method on bellow directory)

    on my desktop haswell cpu windows 10 latest version.(it doesn't work on *HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT*)
    but it works on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREClassesDirectorybackgroundshellcmd

    Thank me later

  11. Hi,I followed the directions show in the video,but it is creating a backup in both C” and D”. It’s like I backup to both drive. please help .thank you

  12. Thank you soo much😭😭. when my disk was filling automatically when I downloaded itunes, i ignored that it is backuping my 40gb phone data which I don’t even need


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