Late 2020 iPhone Guide – Which iPhone should you buy?


The iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max have been announced and with that now is the time to re-go over my iPhone Buying Guide! Which iPhone is best for you and your price range? Let’s find out!

0:00 – Intro
1:00 – iPhone 12 Pro
2:20 – iPhone 12
3:28 – iPhone 11 Pro
4:04 – iPhone 11
4:40 – iPhone XR
5:18 – 2020 iPhone SE
6:06 – iPhone XS
6:47 – iPhone X
7:26 – iPhone 8
8:26 – iPhone 7
8:57 – iPhone 6S
9:30 – iPhone SE
10:15 – Below iOS 14
10:38 – What should you buy?
12:29 – Conclusion

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  1. For those curious, I pre-ordered the base iPhone 12 in blue 128gb! Probably skipping the Pro this year.
    If you want to skip to the end – 10:38
    What iPhone do you think is best value?

  2. Am so happy 😂 I just received a free iPhone 11 pro from steadyhacker today for just shipping fee only,steadyhacker on Instagram get yours today it really

  3. I liked the buying guide because it is a great one but I will definitely not but an iPhone. So when iPhone 16 pops out, post another guide because only then I will even consider going to a Apple Store. (Because I'm broke)

  4. I Feel The iPhone XS Max Is Worth It For Sure Best Value I Got Mine For 390 And For That Price Its Worth It Choices iPhone XR-iPhone SE-iPhone XS Max

  5. Due to recent leaps in graphics metal performance I fear that anything below the A13 is not going to game well. The A12 is currently on the edge of not getting future high video settings as app starts utilizing the extra performance of the A14.

  6. Hello, i am getting Iphone 12 (128 G)(New phone) and iPhone 11 Pro Max(256) GB(old version on gray market) with same price. Could you please suggest which one should i buy.

  7. hey 91Tech got a quick question if you wouldn’t mind answering. I’ve got a iphone 7+ and had some issues… i’ve got the audio ic bug where i can’t hear people on call and they can’t hear me, can’t record videos with sound, use wires headphones and such. would you recommend going upto a iphone XR


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