Master Job – iPhone 6 Error 9 Repair Without Removing CPU


iTunes Error 9 often appears when processing firmware update or system restores by iTunes. Several reasons are attributed towards the problem, and we have already posted a solution for iPhone error 9 fixes related to the NAND Flash error before. Here this video shows a different solution regarding iPhone 6 error 9 without removing CPU. With the help of our newly developed CNC chip grinding machine, this job can be done even safer and quicker without damaging the logic board and nearby chips.

Tools Used:
CNC Chip Grinding Machine:
LCD Opening Pliers:
Cutting Nipper:
Maintenance Platform:
Electron Microscope:
Digital Multimeter:
Soldering Iron:
Hot Air Gun:
Solder Wire:
Jumper wire:
UV Curable Solder Mask:

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