Morocco – iPhone 6s cinematic video


Recently I sold my main camera because I wanted to experience more from my travels, without having to carry around 10kg of gear. It turned out that, on my last trip to Morocco, the only thing I brought with me was a drone, and it was seized by the authorities once landed in Morocco. Apparently, it is illegal to introduce drones into the country, therefore I was left with my iPhone as my main and sole camera for the entire trip.

As a matter of fact, to shoot this video I only used my iPhone 6s and I edited it on FCPX applying just a bit of desaturation.

Personally I am so happy of the results and I’d love to hear what do you think about it.
To me it is the proof that gear is nothing without content and storytelling, together with inspiration. Without having to think too much of my gear, I found more time to be inspired by the landscapes, the roads and the magic in this beautiful country. I will definetly be using my iPhone as my main camera on my next trips, giving more importance to content, lightness and flexibility.

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