Nemesi – Short Film (2017) English Version


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Dedicated to the memory of Maria Rita Lo Giudice.

Plot – After an important earthquake, which damaged several buildings and caused several deaths, a university residence of a small Italian city collapsed breaking the lives of twenty-one people.
The guilty, however, more than the earthquake seems to be the company that did the construction work.
Matteo, who has very important documents, tries to get the truth out, while Giovanni, the builder, fights hard against the press attacks against him and his company.
In the same period and in the same city, Alessandra and Giorgio live together and are trying to have a child, but they are in a period of crisis that is leading them to the point of total breakup.
Towards a journey without return.


– “Best Drama” and nomination for the “Best Director” to Simone Ciancotti Petrucci, Alternative Film Festival Fall 2017, Toronto, Canada.

– “Best Indie Film”, LA Film Awards 2017, Los Angeles, USA.

– “Best Drama”, New York Film Awards 2017, New York, USA.

– “Gold Award – Best Short Film”, L.A. Shorts Awards 2017, Los Angeles, USA.

– “Jury Award”, Lake View International Film Festival 2018, Nogu, India.

– “Best Film” and “Best Actress” to Christelle C. nomination for the “Best Director” to Simone Ciancotti Petrucci, Melbourne City Independent Film Awards 2018, Melbourne, Australia.

– Special Mention “Best Supporting Actor” to Ettore Belmondo, Five Continents International Film Festival 2018, Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela.

– Nomination for the “Best Actor in an indie film” and “Best Actress in an indie film” to Raffaele Taddei and Christelle C., Actors Awards 2019, Los Angeles, Stati Uniti.

Official Selections.

– Foggia Film Festival 2017, Foggia, Italia.

– Caorle Film Festival 2018, Caorle, Italia.

– Inventa un Film 2019, Lenola, Italia.


Produced by Silvano Ciancotti, Simone Ciancotti Petrucci and Paolo Pozzetti.

Cast: Raffaele Taddei, Ettore Belmondo, Christelle C., Claudio Garrubba, Noemi Guglietta and Francesco Bonaccorso.

Written and Directed by Simone Ciancotti Petrucci.

Story by Simone Ciancotti Petrucci and Paolo Pozzetti.

Cinematography by Stefano Riccio.

Editing by Lorenzo Lelj Garolla.

Sound by Celeste Frontino and Simone Lucarella.

Mix by Riccardo Marsana.

Scenography and Costumes by Matheus Dümêt.

Make up by Virginia Lo Russo.

Casting director Francesco Bonaccorso.

Director’s Assistants: Francesco Bonaccorso and Lucia Rotondo.

Graphics by Patrizio Partino and Cristina Catalini.

Drawings by Federica Vommaro.

Music consulting for the soundtrack by Giacomo Migliorati and Marco Innamorati.

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