Oneplus 5T vs iPhone X


Oneplus 5T vs Apple iPhone X (and soon Samsung Galaxy Note 8 too) Full initial specs comparison including hands-on Size, Design, Camera, Battery & Price. Bear in mind that all info in this video is based on specifications alone, and so my actual opinions and detailed tests will come on the 20th Nov and beyond.

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  1. When you've watched the video let me know which one you think won! 😇
    Make sure you subscribe for more Oneplus 5T Content and a very special upcoming giveaway 😉

  2. 5t is a great budget phone, but if I had money I would go for iPhone, much better display, waterproof, reselling price and the best: iOS. Android is ok, but iOS it's a grown up OS

  3. Iphone X face I'D is not so secure !!! Like, of we are sleeping, anyone can open ! Couz our face I'D supports the mobile, and everyone can know our secerts or our anything else !!

  4. I don’t understand why I’m hearing you , watching your mouth moves, hear the words , but I don’t understand you , maybe cause you talk in one rhythm ?? Who knows, dude you put me to sleep

    sry i dont mean to sound like an angry ignorant person, but u seem to know very little of what ur talking about, so yes i am angry haha

    the face unlock of the op5t is literally INSTANT. i literally dont even see the lockscreen when i look at it and press the unlock button. 0.00 seconds to unlock.

    AND the battery of the op5t is soooooo much longer lasting than the one of the iphone X!!!
    have u seen any akku comparisons of the two devices? lasts at least a 1/3 longer than the one of the iphone X…..


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