OnePlus 5T vs iPhone X Camera Test Comparison


In this video, I conduct a OnePlus 5T camera review, and see how it stacks up head-to-head with the iPhone X. I test the low-light camera, and also test the 4K …


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  1. So… any thoughts on the cameras?
    I'll be doing a Q&A video at 10,000 subscribers so shoot me any questions here in the comments if you want to be featured in that video.
    The comparison with the Pixel 2 XL is now up!
    So subscribe and stay tuned for that. Also, just yesterday, I uploaded my OnePlus 5T review:

  2. ofcourse, iphone x took the better photo, but oneplus 5t does magic. . . . .it's twice inexpensive than iphone x but certainly iphone x is not twice better.. . .

  3. m using 5t..but the camera quality in low light of 5t is so bad..even bad than normal phone at normal range of daylight obviously every phone shows better quality


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