RED iPhone X for $13 – Slickwraps iPhone X Review


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  1. Avoid this company at all costs!! They had a huge security breach by hackers with an agenda… This is a terrible company to do business, this is the second time I purchased a product from them, I remember the first to being somewhat decent, although they didn’t delivery on allotted window they promised. This second time, I placed order on July 8th 2020 it’s now July 27th and no response to my emails nothing. Getting refunded through my bank. This company is a joke. Do yourself a favor and look them up!

  2. How long did it take for you to receive your order from slick wraps?. I ordered the same skin you have for my Xr on the January 21st and I still haven’t got it

  3. The whole point of the Product red phones is by buying one you are donating to the AIDS foundation.

    Products like these skins are ripping off the foundation. 👎

  4. This phone has a great camera, very nice/ clear screen>>> and the best battery life I’ve had on any iPhone. However, I can’t stand the Face ID 75% of the time it doesn’t work for me and after the first time of it not working it won’t show my notifications unless I lock the screen again and then attempt to unlock it a second time. I miss the finger print and it’s ease of use. Also, I dislike how on the lock screen you have to hold down the flashlight and camera for several seconds to get them to turn on. Other than these changes everything else seems to be the same.


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