Salieri's father dies (Stabat Mater) Amadeus



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  1. Salieri and Mozart were close friends. After Mozart's death, Salieri taught music to Mozart's son. About his "chastity"… Well, Salieri and Mozart used to attend many houses of prostitution.

  2. He really shouldn’t have promised his chastity. I used to believe that’s why he never touched the opera singer he listened after and Mozart hooking up with her is what pushed him over the edge.

  3. Γιαννης Διακογεωργακης · Edit

    1:26 – 1:36 A fine sunday noon the family enjoyed their lunch. Salieri took his first bite and then suddenly…
    His father was choking. The kid was shocked. Some seconds later, the worst possible thing happened:
    I think no one would want to be in Salieri's place 🙁 *10

  4. Actually, I like Salieri in this scene. Why should anything stand between a child and his dreams? His father should be the conduit not the obstacle. Good for him! God said, "Francisco, Must go!"

  5. Interestingly, Francesco was not his father’s name, but his brother’s. So, the women appear to be calling out for help from the brother.

  6. He got to play in the streets with the other children when Mozart was performing for royalty…..Salieri in a sense got a childhood that Mozart never did….and yet in their own way neither of them grew up.

  7. You know what's kinda interesting? Salieri asked god for 'a chance to celebrate his glory through music'. It could be interpreted that god answered his prayer by not only making him a famous composer but also making him one of the few people to recognize Mozart's talent and placing him in a position where he could have ensured Mozart's success as a musician (similar to how he ensured his lack of recognition).

  8. Pergolesi’s stabat mater really is a perfect representation of Salieri’s sacrifice. The movement playing when he becomes chaste is “Quando Corpus Morietur”, or in Latin, “when the body dies”. He is sacrificing his entire sexual life (the dying body) for the beauty of music.


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