Samsung makes Fun of Apple#5(You will hate Apple after seeing this)


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  1. I recently upgraded from my Samsung Galaxy A10e to an IPhone SE 2nd gen always have switched between Samsung and IPhone as both are great phones with their own little kicks to them. I just go with whatever I’m in the mood for when it comes time for my upgrade with my carrier. I do prior research and determining whether it would meet my photography needs etc before I get stuck with it for 6 months to a year. But at the end of the day get what you love, don’t get something that your going to regret later. We all have a preferences and should respect each others preferences.

  2. Why You Want Me To Suffer · Edit

    I mean its not like iphone users don't compare iphone xr or the 11 to 2010 Samsung phones that had the batteries falling out so what's the difference

  3. Apple: Makes commercials about the newest iPhones.

    Samsung: Makes commercials comparing the highest end newest Samsung phone to a four year old iPhone.

  4. Stick to apple….in this video Samsung compared their S9 to iPhone 6s…taking into mind that iPhone was released earlier so it will perform worse..Samsung should have compared their S9 flagship to Apple’s flagship of the same here…but they know they can’t do that cause they’ll loose…many more misleading things in this video…plz judge before u think people..have a great day

  5. Not a Apple Fan, but these ads are dumb and took little effort lol. I mean why the hell would you compare a S9 with an iphone 6s?
    As some rtards in the comment section pointed that the 6s is "basically every iphone", sure but the internals are vastly different and from my experience of using both the brands, Samsung always lags out with time and age. iphones usually have better durability.
    These ads are stupid and complete berate Samsung lol.
    Some of the ads were genuinely funny like the Apple guy pointing towards his nipple. But the others are just so lame and inaccurate, if you will. Ugh!


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