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A young woman visits a secluded riverbank to relax in the sun. When a mosquito bites her, it becomes clear that there is a secret force of nature at work. And it wants more than just a drop of blood.

Clearwater by Rob Jabbaz

The Girl: Joan Loluo @joanloluo

Writer, Director, Producer, VFX Artist & Sound Designer: Rob Jabbaz
Executive Producer: Jeffrey Huang
Director of Photography & Drone Operator: Benjamin Ehrenberg
Second Camera Operator: Danai Styliani Moschona
Audio Mix: Chris Weibe
Hair and Makeup: Avery Timber
Title Designer: Luke Norrad

Jyayo – Morning
Wolves and Horses – Procession
Iron Cthulhu Apocalypse – Woven in Black

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  1. Amazing quality on this short film, I can imagine this would be fantastic full filmed project. Like a kind of film where small towns slowly get assimilated by what ever this mysterious species is.

  2. Really well done short film! I just wish, as a personal note, we would get not as many of those grim endings we get in so many of those short films. I mean, when that mosquito comes back to… well, no spoilers from me here, it became quite obvious to me how this would end and I turned out to be 100% correct.

    I understand that many of those short movies are made as some kind of apprentice piece, as a means to learn the ropes and a lot of them, this one included, are of an amazing quality already, but come one… why does it have to be the 'boooo, you're/we're doomed!' kind of ending so often?

  3. Szczepan Hołyszewski · Edit

    … and this is why in all surviving mammal species the red blood cells thoroughly erase their DNA before being deployed into the bloodstream.

  4. Damn, this one actually spooked me some. The ppl who do these films are talented but sometimes, you delve into areas best left in the dark recesses of our minds lol I do not spook easy and when it is warm, mosquitoes are swarming around my house. Now I am wearing a large plastic bag when it is warm, over my entire body lol.

  5. SO, a young woman travels LITE to a secluded riverbank to relax in the sun. When a mosquito bites her. I DON'T see no car, or a 3 day back pack worth of food. So it couldn't have been that secluded. Would've like to have seen the young lady defend herself, from "herself". Stop that, "Body Snatchers" dead in it's tracks.


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