Silver iPhone 8 Plus First Look & Unboxing!


iPhone 8 Plus First Look & Unboxing. Hello there, and welcome to this video where we take a first look at Apple iPhone 8 Plus in Silver. The intentions of this …


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  1. How i wish the latest PRO versions of the iphone 12 did have the same back finish as the 8's with the stainless steel frame. It would've been so gorgeous.

  2. I Only Like IPhone’s With Touch ID They Need To Bring Back IPhones With Touch ID Even After The IPhone SE 2 But With 3D Touch And Live Wallpapers

  3. The IPhone 8 Plus Does Seem like An upgrade From The IPhone 7 Plus Because Of True Tone And Wireless Charging Which The IPhone 7 Plus Doesn’t Have

  4. My big brother got the space grey and I love it! The silver is okay and the gold is too girly for me but I really like the grey because I'm tired of seeing the white screen, going to get it the next 10 months 😂 so it would be cheap af since my BD is in September kinda long but that's fine I can wait 2 years for that phone as long as I'm getting it.
    Since December is the last month and then our final tests I can wait and that juicy 1 month weekend then going to school in 3 and half months and THEN 3 juicest weekends in life and going to school in the 8th month and then September is here❤️


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