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Spring 1941. Nazi Germany dominated Europe. Poland and France had been occupied, and only the British Commonwealth fought on. Now Hitler turned east to the USSR, where Nazi dreams of a new land empire were to be fulfilled. In June 1941, he unleashed Operation Barbarossa, the largest military operation in history and the beginning of the most destructive conflict ever known.

The project “Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East” depicts the most important events and battles of World War II. The task of the project is to illustrate the history of the war by means of computer graphics, motion-picture images and wartime actuality shots.

Type: historical reenactment
Genre: docudrama
Year of production: 2011
Number of episodes: 18
Directed by: Anna Grazhdan
Written by: Artem Drabkin, Aleksey Isaev
Production designer: Valeriy Babich
Music by: Boris Kukoba
Producers: Valeriy Babich, Vlad Ryashin, Sergey Titinkov, Konstantin Ernst

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  1. I watch a decent amount of war docs, and this one is pretty damn good. High quality. Though, I wish the maps were in more detail and in more English.

  2. Ive always wondered if the Allies never opened up the Western front, but still supplied the Soviets…
    Could the Russians have beat Germany all on their own?? 🤔

  3. richardnail Historical · Edit

    Would help if the word 'simulation' were put in some of the scenes as the graphics & acting are so good you can get wrong impression. One comment on war, if Hitler had taken Moscow first & burrowed in he would have stood far better chance of winning. Heinz Guderian pleaded with Hitler to allow him to continue to Moscow – in Moscow there would be shelter, warmth, security and strategic military possibilities; better than living in a trench like Stalingrad!

  4. Interesting documentary but it contains misinformation. Finnish forces for sure did not participate in the siege of Leningrad, contrary to what is alleged. Every historian knows this. They could have, but chose not to, despite of being pressured to do so by the Germans. They were freeing their own land area lost after the Russian invasion in 1939 and looked for ideal defense positions for future peace negotiations, but did not want to attack Leningrad. Hence the Russians were able to freely keep open the last northern life line and to continue supplying the city despite of the German siege. Perhaps the lie is included for dramatic effect. What else is included just for dramatic effect?

  5. I watch a decent amount of war docs, and this one is pretty damn good. High quality. Though, I wish the maps were in more detail and in more English.


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