The iPhone 6S Takes Better Video Than My Pro DSLR


Read the article here: In this video we compare the 4k footage …


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  1. This video is bullshit, I guess some people don’t know how to set up their dslr in JPEG mode, if you want sharper, colourful photos out of the camera!!! I’m not going into details but once again, this video is bullshit

  2. Vivi Fadhillah Octavia · Edit

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  3. When you say professional, "it means you need to do the task it needed to make professional output". That means doing a lot of process, from Choosing the right picture control to achieve more hdr range, to color correct and color grade it in post production and to add style on it, thats the professional way. if you think a iphones can beat the d750 youre fucking dead wrong. I could beat that shit with even a t2 camera or a nikon d3200. Calling yourself professional and not knowing the basic stuff of photography , as well as explaining stuff untechnically is just disappointing. This is really sad for new photographers who has this mindset, its pathetic.

  4. comparing the 200 percent of a 4k and hd video doesn't make a lot of sense, even downsampled it will be sharper, also the iphone does a lot of color correction while the nikon gives you tons of info to extract in post. and the real killer is if you were to rotate the camera at all the iphone would start to deconstruct sense its manipulating perspective. also also the wb was not evenly matched on any of these.

  5. 1. The dynamic range is shit on the iphone. The skies are completely blown out. Forget post-processing. Zebra stripes everywhere.
    2. Heavy DNR and sharpening and saturation != detail.
    3. Forget shooting flat or log.
    4. Forget shooting low light.
    5. Forget getting DOF effects/bokeh.
    6. Forget macro, ultra-wide, telephoto, portraiture. You're stuck with a 28mm equivalent of poor glass with heavy distortion.

    "Better video" for whom? 4k readout from a much smaller sensor with unimpressive glass is a gimmick. All you get is more pixels, not more detail. Also, I won't even get into how many other phones offer better 4k than the iPhones.

  6. Also, check the film Tangerine, indie film and won awards. Shot all on iphone 5s and small steadicam. And Mercedes did a commercial on an iPad…cranes and gimbles. Paid for by Apple but to showcase like you say, perfect controlled environments.
    Oh, Tangerine used the Moondog cinema lens adapter, for anamorphic and it works flawlessly. The Recording app for iphone desqueezes as well.

  7. A: Cine lenses B: ProRes compressionC: just get a blackmagic miniD: Phones use post processingE: Apple and Samsung spent far more developing the phone hundred million in R&D and far better CPU

  8. Excellent video. Having worked as a photographer for a long time using Canon's Nikons Hasselblads Fujifilm……and so on I find myself being very excited by the prospect of shooting video in particular on an iPhone. Something I thought I would never say. However after doing a quick youtube search for iPhone + cinematic you quickly find some really outstanding examples of what the iPhone is capable of. After all it's just another tool to do a job. I travel a lot and it's surprising how few people actual use dslr's + mirrorless cameras. Most people shoot on a phone of some sort.
    I think the world of traditional digital cameras is really on the slide downwards as is the excitement of using them. As I said I never thought I'd say this but there's a real excitement about using the iPhone with additional clip on lenses such as the Moondog or Zeiss lenses as well as the use of using Filmic Pro – exciting times !

  9. Great and truthful video, had to laugh at some of the comments. It's like they didn't understand what he was saying even though it was in plain concise English.

  10. Не смущает что обьектив с диаграгмой ф8???? Это как бы значительно сказывается на детализации

  11. Ik it's now 2017 but 4k is still fairly gimmicky especially on phones. I don't even bother with 4k on my phone cuz I have no need for it, takes up more storage space, I nor anyone I know don't have a 4k display, longer to upload to social media if need be and only real advantage it has is better detail even when downscaled to 1080p but unless you do side by side comparison it's not something you notice. Further more I'd take the ability to swap lenses on my DSLR to get the bokeh and the field of view that I want over extra detail any day.

    Would be nice if more DSLR's got 4k but I doubt I'd use it much. I can kinda see why canon still isn't putting 4k on lower end DSLR cameras, because they wanna keep it for the high end expensive models so they still have a USP of some sort. If they put it on entry level cameras then people would be less inclined to buy the higher end models. Tho people will just switch to sony etc so they lose out anyway.


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