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Vedi Altri Articoli Su Altra Film



  1. What the fuck!!!!😞😞😞 This is the worst movie I have ever seen. They saw the girl dead yet her fiance was taking him time getting out of the car and the reporter was clicking pictures. Seriously, who the fuck does that???? WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT!!!!!!
    32:51 I loved the women empowerment.♡

  2. I loved watching this movie….im love the producer's and actors' ability to capture emotion. However, I actually don't understand what happened in the end….This is a spoiler if you havent' watched it to the end so dont read unless you have watched it: Vadim gets a call that Nina is in the hospital after an accident….but he goes outside and then Nine hugs Vadim, and then she gets shot and passes away…but then Nina has Vadim's baby? Im so confused. Does Lada try to get involved in everyone's lives and make their lives worse? So is the ending the alternate story line if she didn't get involved?

  3. What's wrong with people? How hard is it to follow simple commands. To scream at the top of your lungs and then go limp like a child??! Have some damn respect for yourself.


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