This fixed my iPhone 4013 error!


tldr; The issue was the proximity sensor. I opened the iPhone X, disconnected it, and the iPhone worked (without Face ID). I hope this can help others who have the same problem.

I didn’t cover this in the video, but I used this product to get my iPhone out of recovery mode. It’s a paid product, but the part you need to get out of recovery mode is free:
Video I used to open my iPhone X:
This video put me onto the proximity sensor issue (thanks!):
Some videos that may help with Face ID fix (I haven’t investigated these):


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  1. Thanks for starting the breadcrumb trail for me. I'm linking to this video that reaches same conclusion as you and he was able to dry out the original proximity sensor and get it running again. Cheers!

  2. I got it to work !!! Main I looked up soooo many videos and tried the hard reset (pressing volume up then down then the power button ) , I plugged it into iTunes, it went into recovery mode i tried to update it, it didn’t work so I tried to restore it which means I would lose all my pics and info that weren’t backed up. After 50 tries and getting error code 4013 everytime I was willing to compromise on anything !! And wala… I was doing the right step all along but error 4013 often means faulty usb or the laptop that you’re using is not updated . So I hunted down an unbroken “original” apple usb , ensured the windows on the laptop was updated (I don’t own a MacBook so I used windows) . I plugged it in .. did the same steps … “update” it but when that failed I then attempted to “restore and update”.. at first try it still didn’t work so I was instructed to use another USB port on the same laptop and bam.. just like that it came back on . So it took like 2-3 attempts but it worked . So remember you NEED an original apple charger and an updated laptop with iTunes . Please let me know if it worked !

  3. Hi Andy, I took my phone into the Apple store today, I think mine has the same problem as yours. They told me they’d not repair it because it’s likely a motherboard issue and the only option is to replace the phone. I’m tempted to try this as a last resort. From what you describe this is exactly the issue I’ve had !

  4. Hi Andy, nice video and explanation. The earpiece and sensor portion are actually paired to an iPhone hardware. This is why it is told to be very careful when replacing with a new display, the removal of the old earpiece and proximity sensor assembly from original damaged display to be transferred to the new one is a very delicate process. You need to desolder the proximity-flood illuminator chip from the new part. Then transfer it to your original cable. This should solve your Face ID issue. This is kinda like the Touch ID situation.

  5. Thanks Dude! I dont really trust myself and I'll probably ask someone to do it for me. Its really annoying since j couldn't edit for a couple of weeks.

  6. i'Pare - My Singing Monsters · Edit

    This is the only video that actually helped me, I'll try to dry my internals and reattach every connector on my iPhone 7. I sanitize my phone here and there and even if I tried to clean it it still is stuck in boot loop.

    A lot of channels around just repeat what Apple says, while having fancy camera angles and microphones, they delivered nothing. You have done what seemed impossible to find! Thanks you!

    (not to say your video quality is bad, the opposite, but you seem really humble 🙂 )


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