Two Of Us (1988)-Gay Teen Film, Remastered fr DVD


“Two Of Us”, written by Leslie Stewart, and produced by Roger Tonge in 1987, is an upbeat story of a high school student in the process of discovering who he is, set in the late 1980’s in the UK. The film reveals the difficulties faced by homosexuals in those times (and which still exist to this day, though things are improving).
The cast is awesome, the acting is superb, and the story is heartful and inspiring for gay teens, as well as all free-thinking spirits. Highly recommended, a great film.

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“Two of Us” is a 1988 gay-themed BBC television film written by Leslie Stewart and directed by Roger Tonge. It was produced as part of the BBC Schools SCENE series, and intended for young adults. It confronted the Thatcherite government’s attempt to ban gay sex education in schools via the controversial (since repealed) section 28 legislation. Given this backdrop, the BBC opted not to show it during the day and it was screened at night, even though it was originally created for a school audience.


Matthew – Jason Rush
Phil – Lee Whitlock
Sharon – Jenny Jay

Filmed in London and Seaford, Sussex, UK


“Disenchanted” – The Communards
“Don’t Give Up” – Peter Gabriel

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This remaster is direct from a DVD release (by Freedom Films in 2004), and has been carefully ripped and remastered to improve the low quality of the old analogue TV system in use in the late 80s.
The original resolution of this film was limited to the PAL television standard of 625 lines vertical resolution. This rip was made using Handbrake, with settings optimized for this project, and the remastering and color correction was done in Sony Vegas 11.
For better or worse, this is as good as it gets. Enjoy this great film!

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  1. Well I love the version when Phil surprisingly show up back after the train leaving. Thank for this creative art . by the way is the cast still alive. Were the boys really gay or just gay as in characters.they make a cute couple

  2. Does anyone know if this was reviewed on the BBC daytime discussion programme "Open Air", with Patti Coldwell and Eamon Holmes? Would love to get a sense of public reaction at the time, either after its late night 1988 showing, or its first daytime showing in 1990….

  3. Thankfully my life studies and further development teacher was an open one who didn't make any negativity about homosexuality. There were 4 (Including me) in that class that came out. Some earlier on and some only recently.
    Took me a long time to get a copy of this film but I still have it along with "Beautiful Thing".
    Funnily enough my Mum loved so many gay artists at the time.
    Initially the internet proved helpful but I feel it has reversed many positives with social media being rife for bullying and promoting perfect lives (Are there really any?) and stigmatising those who don't keep up with this false image of perfection.
    This film captures the pure innocence of youth in the 80s. Loved it from start to finish. G xxx

  4. I remember watching this film in the 80’s when I was struggling with my own feelings, I just stumbled upon it by accident and remembered it straight away, takes me right back, thank you 👍🏻

  5. They filmed the disco scene at my old youth club , I was there when they did it . I didn't realise till now that they actually caught a few of my old mates on film 🙂

  6. I remember seeing this in the 80's as a teen and I never forgot it. I only remembered that Lee Whitlock was in it, so I searched IMDB and it led me here. Great film, wonderful to see it again.

  7. it's funny how they were playing The Communards at the club even though Jimmy Somerville was a well-known gay rights activist and homosexual himself

  8. Is a just the most cutest movie that I´ve seen EVEEEER, I sarched about the cast and I founded a lot of things but the only that wasnt founded was about MATTHEW(JASON RUSH) WHY soeone know something about him, pleaaase

  9. Thanks for uploading my film.I'm moved  to see that many still appreciate it  26 years after we made it,After it was first shown  at midnight in march 1988,it was sold to many education depatments of european  and australian TV.Only then did BBC start to show it in the daytime for the next  8 years – so in the end ,a lot of older school kids saw it.I secretly restored the kiss (which we had to cut out originall0 and no one noticed!To get the film on BBC Leslie (my writer)and I agreed to change the end,so that Phil returns with his girlfriend.It was a compromise -but if we did not do that ,it would never have got shown.Here on Youtube,you see the original version -but actually the compromise ending is not bad-more ambiguous,so maybe got more young people asking 'what happened ?' One teacher  tolm me he answered that question like this "well ,I'm not sure what happened at the end ,BUT what would you like to happen?"The kids mostly wanted the boys to stay together! If you have any questions,ask and I will try and answer. YThe music was also Pet Shop boys (It;s a Sin)   Roger Tonge (director/producer)


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