Valzer Triste – Jean Sibelius da ' Allegro non Troppo' di Bruno Bozzetto


Cortometraggio di Animazione tratto dal film ‘Allegro non Troppo ‘ di Bruno Bozzetto 1976

Valzer triste di Jean Sibelius: un gatto si aggira per una casa in rovina, pensando malinconicamente ad un passato che non c’è più. I suoi ricordi (scene di vita famigliare tra le pareti della grande casa) sembrano prendere vita e diventare realtà, accendendo le sue speranze, ma ogni volta nel giro di pochi istanti scompaiono, facendo ripiombare il povero animale in una realtà di devastata desolazione. In realtà anche il gatto non è altro che un ricordo del passato, destinato a svanire quando la casa viene definitivamente abbattuta.

Bruno Bozzetto, Valzer Triste, Jean Sibelius, 1976, Allegro non troppo, Film Animazione

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  1. realmente me siento haci porque perdi a mi familia … y quedo solamente la casa pero los que estaban encargados decidieron quemar todo lo que estaba dentro de ella…

  2. BTW: Did Gerald Scarfe ever work with Bruno Bozzetto? This does predict Scarfe's work from "The Wall". (In fact music from Pink Floyd/Roger Waters would make this film slightly more tolerable than the classical music used here…)

  3. As a cat owner I found this much MUCH harder to take than "Dianna's Piano" (a segment from a late 80s Garfield special) and the ending of "Harry & Tonto". Don't think I'll watch this again anytime soon…

  4. This is the best part of this movie, makes me cry every single time. Time is such an awful punishment for the human race… one last minute with your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brothers, sisters. GF or BF… and when everyone is already gone, they only live in your memories.
    And when you are gone…

  5. Allie Hamilton-Calhoun · Edit

    I first saw this about 30 years ago & I havd cried just as much every time I have seen it since. Everything he loved was just a memory until the cat, himself, became just a memory. You don't ever own anything. Your car & your house will likely belong to someone else after you, even if they're destroyed someone will take or remove the remnants. You're just a steward to the land your house is on. Someone else will be its steward eventually because the land will be there long after you've gone. You don't even own your body, it will eventually be moved from the cemetery or discarded to build a parking lot or something of the like hundreds of years from now because it's become an inconvenience to someone. The jewelry you were buried with, someone will eventually take it for some reason or another. The only thing that will ever be truly yours & yours alone is your soul. Protect it & keep it good and kind.

  6. Another amazing animation of Bruno Bozetto, the Italian maestro of animation which is normally just known for hilarious animations. Allegro non Troppo is one of the masterpieces of animation around the globe.
    This animation reflects in a masterful way the passing of life: how we all know just too well when we get older and older and more and more things fade into memory until even those fade slowly away until nothing is left and the last remnants get rolled over and buried by time.
    Man, I wish this film could be sold in the US. But Disney torpedoed it since it came out. Curse them.
    I would love to buy a Bu-ray release of it.

  7. Tra l'altro è una storia ispirata ad un fatto realmente accaduto: il gatto della moglie di bruno bozzetto scappò e tornò a vivere e probabilmente a morire nella casa abbattuta per far posto a degli appartamenti.


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