WHAT'S ON MY IPHONE | How I Organize + My Fave Apps!


HEY GUYS! Today I’m showing you guys exactly what’s on my iPhone, how I organize/arrange my stuff + my favorite apps to use! This is a pretty lengthy video …


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  1. Okay, im heterosexual and this girl is like the ideal boy for me, just in a woman ❤ eres arte, DIOS QUE BELLEZA! (Btw, I just discovered u, and I like your vibe!, love from Mexico) ♡

  2. I'm using 'TimeCost' 💰 app to set and track my financial goals and 'uPlan: Year Planner'🗓, it lets you divide your year plans for quarter, month and week todo lists. Very efficient!

  3. عبدالجليل فارع فارع · Edit

    يا جماعة الخير لي ولكم انا ربحت تلفون ايفون ادخلو للموقعhttps://images.app.goo.gl/39a52qSqhqiBKL4eA

  4. To see how much space you have on your phone you go to (settings > general > iPhone storage) that’s should show you how to see how much storage that comes with your phone..


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