YouTube Live Stream camera setup iPhone 7 Plus vs 5s vs Canon G7X


Live streaming on YouTube using a mobile phone and the YouTube app is very simple you just hit the live button add a title and description and then hit go Live! The quality of the stream is really down to the phones camera capabilities and a good network connection. I was using an iPhone 5s but I wanted to increase the image quality so I got a iPhone 7 plus from the Apple store in London’s Covent Garden. Check out my YouTube Live Stream camera setup iPhone 7 Plus vs 5s vs Canon G7X

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  1. Thanks for the tip . Do you think the iPhone is better than the cannon GTx Mark 2
    Do you know if you can do a live stream with Camera and iPhone ?
    Thanks in advance I know it’s a lot of ????? Lol 😊

  2. A great improvement in quality! For the best stabilization, you would need to look at gimbals. I have the DJI Osmo Mobile and it's very good, but unless you've planned it (which doesn't fit well with the "spur of the moment going live on YT vibe"), a gimbal for the phone is too bulky to carry around (unless you typically have a backpack or bag, but I can't really recall seeing you with either in previous videos).

  3. Random Life Productions · Edit

    Robert I use the Samsung S8, Dji Osmo Mobile And a Rode Lav mic for my live streams around London, the only downer is the mobile signal.

  4. iPhone 7 Plus is much better compared to the iPhone 5. Overall I just love the canon G7X if only there was a way that cameras could live stream on YouTube

  5. Great video and comparison with the camera and the two pbones! Loved the music..very cool! Thanks for showing a bit of Covent Garden…didnt know about it. Will add that to my itinerary!!

  6. The new jacket making a successful debut,nice to see the cordings cap hasnt been put out to stud yet.The iphone unveiling was very star warsyish, very cool.


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